Hybrid warfare by Loekasjenko – a ‘SWIFT’ and effective response

Belarus is engaged in a hybrid war against the EU.

The director of the The Hague Center of Strategic Studies Rob de Wijk stated this

in Nieuwsuur this week. It is a combination of conventional and irregular methods.

Loekasjenko is playing a power play with people.

He is an undemocratically elected president who terrorizes his own population.

Secondly thousands of migrants are stuck in a no man’s land. A fence prevents them

to pass the border with Poland. Ans when they want to return from the frontier,

they are ill-treated by the Belarus army.

Already 10 people have died.

Thirdly he is trying to divide and create chaos in the EU, by sending the migrants.

At least the last didn’t happen. On the contrary, the EU stands firmly behind Poland

and recent disagreements are transcended.

Hubert Smeets who is an Eastern-Europe expert said in Nieuwsuur (8 nov.)

that Loekasjenko is chief people smuggler.

People smuggling on that scale – > 10.000 people- can only be organised by

financial transactions.

People are brought via the so-called Belarus-route.

From countries in the Middle-East. Travel agencies are engaged. Visa regulations

are eased. They fly with Belavia, the national carrier of Belarus.

Reception in Belarus. Then smugglers help them to transport to and cross the

border with Poland.

Hubert Smeets said that mrs. Tichanovskaja, the Belarus president in exile,

asks for a disconnection of Belarus from SWIFT. This is an international

banking paying system. It stands for Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication.

This could be an effective way of stopping or in any way impede this massive

people smuggling.

In a later stage, it could be considered if a case could be brought to the

International Court of Justice in The Hague against Loekasjenko.

By reasons of crime against humanity and the unprecedented highjacking

of a civil airplane by the Belarus airforce, in order to arrest a cricital

journalist. Which is also in conflict with all the rules of the ICAO, the UN-organisation

that deals with civil aviation.

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