Populists have an objectionable attitude, and offer no solutions.

The danger is that we ignore them, because we then disregard the underlying feelings
of discontent in various groups within society.
They only express this gut feeling. In this way they act as a kind of ‘canary in the coalmine’.
But we have to combat their attitude and lack of solutions.


Here you find a perfect example of something like this (Schlein vs Salvini).

On the 25-th of September the Italians go to the polls for parliamentary elections. Because the unity-government of Mario Draghi fell in July.
There is a good chance that a radical-right alliance will win.
Meloni, Salvini (Lega Nord) and yes Berlusconi take part.

Elly Schlein is an independent candidate, connected to the Partito Democratico.
She is center-left. Is vice-governor of the region Emila-Romagna. Ánd representative of a new generation.

Here she demands explanation of Salvini.

I try to translate this with my limited knowledge of the beautiful language Italian.

The issue is the reform of the ‘Dublin’ directive, that determines which European
country is responsible for the treatment of asylum applications. An important issue for Italy. This reform is still blocked.

The interview:

Elly Schein presents herself to Matteo Salvini:
“I am one of your ex-colleagues in the European Parliament”;
“Yes”, he recognizes her;
“Why weren’t you present at the 22 meetings on the negotations about ‘Dublin’?,
You know this is an important reform in Italy on immigration”;
“Un secondo”, responds Salvini.

He affronts her. The clock ticks one minute, 22 seconds.

Again the question: “Why weren’t you present at the 22 meetings on the negotiations
about ‘Dublin’?;
“I follow the meetings that serve me”, says Salvini.


In my country we have Wilders (and Baudet).
I heard mr Wilders a few days ago in the late night radio programme ‘With the eye on tomorrow’,
a fragment of a parliamentary debate.

Without introduction I know it was him. The furious oracle.

This week the plans on the energy crisis were announced by our president of the European Commission von der Leyen. I am sure these are prompted by fear of public unrest that will arise on the spectacularly rising energy prices. And feed rising support for extreme right. See the riots in Tsjechia. And know the elections in Italy are ahead.

A better attitude than the awkward statement the former Commission president Jean-Claude Jüncker gave after seeing the results of the 2015 elections of the European Parliament. He declared that populism was overcome. He crowed victory. Instead of hearing the canary.

The Brexit referendum was in 2016.

Discern the discontent, and act.

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